B&M launches HUGE sale with prices starting from 50p

B&M has slashed the price of tonnes of items, and prices start from just 50p.

You can pick up things from face masks to king-sized bedding all for under a pound, plus loads of usually pricey electronics have been reduced too.

If you're after some new kitchen equipment then there's a fryer that's been reduced by £20, as well as a lawnmower reduced by £20 too.

Plus you could buy king-sized bed sheets with the change in your pocket.

You can't order anything online from B&M so after you've had a browse on the website you'll have to head in-store to pick up the bargains.

The discount means lots of things will be subject to availability and will likely sell out fast.

So to avoid disappointment you can ring ahead to check if the item you're after is in stock locally, and use B&M's locator tool to find your closest shop.

Its always best to compare prices, as just because soemthing is on offer, it doesn't always make it a good deal.

We've narrowed down our top picks from the B&M sale so you can cash in on some major savings from tech to homeware.

Dual Layer Fabric Reusable Face Covering

  • Was: £1. Now: 50p. Save: 50p – check out now

This 50p face mask is designed to be comfortable for kids to wear and help reduce covid infections by minimising the risk of inhaling droplets from speech, coughing and sneezing.

It comes in a variety of funky patterns so keeping safe during the pandemic doesn't have to be a compromise on style, you only get one in a pack though.

At poundtoy.com you can pick up a kid's patterned mask for 75p, so it's 25p more expensive than B&M's discount one, but the site has already reduced this down from £5 originally.

Karina Bailey Jasmine Sparkle King Duvet Set

  • Was: £10. Now: 50p. Save: £9.50 – check out now

The duvet set includes one cover and two pillowcases and you can get it in a double or king-size for 50p each.

This price is the cheapest out there at the moment, the cheapest duvet covers on offer from Wilko start at £8 which is £7.50 more than B&M.

That price is only for a single too, so this massive king-size spread is definitely worth its money in comparison.

Coca-Cola Lip Smacker Set 4pk

  • Was: £3. Now: £1. Save: £2 – check out now

The Coca-Cola Lip Smacker set features four flavoured lip balms including, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Sprite and Fanta Orange, and it's now only £1.

You can pick up an extra lip balm in the £5 five-pack Claires has on offer, but even though the accessory store has slashed the price of this by more than half it's still £4 more than B&M.

That works out at £1 a lip balm, while B&M's collection is 25p per lip balm.

Cleansing Hand Gel 500ml

  • Was: £2.99. Now: £1. Save: £1.99 – check out now

You can stock up on cleaning gear in B&M's sale, including this 500ml hand gel that's set to kill 99.99% of bacteria on your hands.

Tesco has hand gel reduced to clear so the supermarket has slashed the price of its sanitiser to £1.99 from £3.99.

Even though it's also on offer, the 500ml bottle is still nearly £1 more expensive than B&M's in the sale.

Classic Clock

  • Was: £3. Now: £1.50. Save: £1.50 – check out now

This one has been labelled a special buy from B&M so you'll want to be quick to nab the bargain.

The clock features roman numerals on the face and the rim comes in either grey or cream.

Asda has a basic design clock available for £2 which is only 50p more expensive than B&M's, but it's not as sleek looking as the discount retailer's bargain.

Tower Compact Air Fryer 1.8L

  • Was: £49.99. Now: £29. Save: £20.99 – check out now

You can cook chips at home to your heart's content with this discounted fryer.

The fryer has a temperature control ranging up to 200°C and the rapid air circulate system means it cooks fast and saves energy too.

The fryer also has a 30 minute manual timer and automatic shut off.

At Home Essentials the same air fryer is £45 so it's over £15 more expensive than B&M's sale item.

JBL Bluetooth Headphones

  • Was: £60. Now: £35. Save: £25 – check out now

These JBL headphones are bluetooth so you don't have to worry about tangled wires interrupting your listening time.

You can listen wirelessly for up to 27 hours and when it goes flat, every five minutes of recharging will equal another two hours of use.

You can pick up cheaper JBL headphones from Currys.

The electronics store has a pair on offer for £21.50 so you could make a further saving of £13.50 instead of going for B&M's discounted pair – you don't get as many colour options at Currys though.

Bosch Rotak 36R Lawnmower

  • Was: £149. Now: £129. Save: £20 – check out now

This lawnmower is powerful despite its low cost and its set to provide you with a cleanly cut lawn in no time.

It has a double-folding handle and stackable grass box save space, plus it's low weight for you can easily pick it up and move it about.

The exact same model is available online at John Lewis right now but it's £40 more expensive than the discount price.

B&M is selling a garden furniture set for £45 that's cheaper than competitors like Argos and Aldi.

Previously the store slashed the price of kids toys with a huge two-for-£16 sale that included brands like Peppa Pig and Lego.

The store has also started selling four chocolate bars that we've never seen in the UK before.

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