CBS Just Revealed The Reason Noah Abruptly Left ‘Love Island’

He disappeared from the show after the Sept. 18 episode.

After being in the villa for only a few days, new Love Island cast member Noah Purvis abruptly left the show. In Episode 25, narrator Matthew Hoffman announced his departure without further explanation. His bio no longer exists on and his presence has been removed from all Love Island social media.

“It has been brought to our attention that cast member Noah Purvis provided false information on his application to Love Island, which violates his contestant agreement. He has been removed from the show," CBS told Bustle in a statement.

Since Noah’s exit, corners of the internet have pointed out that he allegedly acted in adult films under a different name, but Bustle is unable to confirm this. We’ve reached out to Noah for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

On Love Island, Noah said in his intro that he’s a home health care worker pursuing his certification in massage therapy. On Instagram, he describes himself a bodybuilder and ambassador for the Fitplan mobile app. He’s also on YouTube, where he shares funny vlogs that feature his workouts, road trips, and more. His most recent Instagram post promotes his Love Island date with Moira, though it’s written in third person, presumably by a friend or family member running his account while he was in the villa. His last YouTube video was shared on April 15.

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