Cleanfluencer reveals five hacks to get your home sparkling using 99p product

While some people revel in collecting cleaning products, most would rather save their money for other things.

Plus, having to use different sprays for every different surface and stain doesn’t just take up valuable storage space in your home, isn’t great for the environment either.

To streamline your cleaning cupboard, you’ll need a product that works all around the home – and according to one cleanfluencer, that magical multitasker costs just 99p.

Posting as @cleanwith_kayleigh on TikTok – where she has over two million followers – Kayleigh Tenant revealed that she uses a single Aldi cleaner on five different areas of her home.

The Powerforce 4-in-1 Concentrated Disinfectant gets everything from blinds to walls sparkling in no time, with Kayleigh opting for the springtime-ready Linen scent which she called ‘absolutely gorgeous’.

Pink grapefruit and lavender scents are also available at the German supermarket.

‘My home has never felt so clean and smelt so fresh,’ Kayleigh wrote in the video’s caption, before sharing hacks to make the most of the product.

Here are her top tips to cut down on cleaning supplies and get household jobs done in a flash.

Five hacks, using just one product – @Aldi UK’s Powerforce 4 in 1 Disinfectant 🧹🧼 my home has never felt so clean and smelt so fresh 😍 will you try any of these cleaning hacks? Head in store and pick up a bottle for only 89p 🙌🏼 AD / #AldiUk #cleantok #cleaninghacks #homehacks #cleaningtips #cleanwithme #homecleaning #housecleaning #cleaningmotivation #ad

Blind cleaning

To clean her blinds, Kayleigh added one capful of Powerforce Disinfectant to an empty spray bottle filled with water.

The genius part is the tool she uses: silicone kitchen tongs.

After wrapping each of the tongs in microfibre cloths, securing with elastic bands and dampening the fabric with the spray, the influencer clamps down on each slat and swipes.

It’s a great way to take the hassle out of cleaning blinds, and using a scented product like this will give your home a fresh fragrance that lasts.

DIY wipes

We all know disposable wipes are wasteful, so follow Kayleigh’s lead and make your own sustainable alternatives.

To an empty jar, add a capful of disinfectant and top with water. Then, place clean microfibre cloths to the container and let them absorb the solution for fuss-free cleaning whenever you need.

The cloths can then be popped in the washing machine ready to use again.

Bin deodorising

Clean and deodorise your bins – inside and out – using diluted disinfectant in a spray bottle.

To ensure the freshness lasts, Kayleigh also suggests putting a few drops of neat Powerforce onto a paper towel and placing at the bottom of the bin underneath the bag. Nasty smells will be absorbed and you’ll get a hit of fragrance whenever you take the rubbish out.

Toilet cleaning

This product banishes bacteria from surfaces, so consider ditching expensive toilet cleaners and giving it a go (diluted in a spray bottle) on your loo.

According to Kayleigh, using toilet paper rather than a cloth to wipe the seat and rim is both hygienic and helps trap dirt rather than pushing it around.

After a spray and once-over, she adds a capful of Powerforce to the bowl and places her silicone toilet brush into the water to soak, killing germs and making the bathroom smell great.

Removing stains from walls

‘We all know disinfectant works great on floors,’ says Kayleigh in her video. ‘But have you tried using the same method to freshen up your walls?’

To get rid of unsightly stains on large areas of paintwork and tiling, she recommends using a mop with a flat head.

Simply add a few caps of Powerforce to your mop water, then sweep over walls. Job done.

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