Countries and flags quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your home pub quiz

Quizzes have surged in popularity since the lockdown was implemented in March. They are a popular way in which people are staying connected, distracting themselves and testing their general knowledge. has compiled a list of 15 questions on countries and flags for your home pub quiz.


1. What flag is pictured below? [Picture captioned as flag one]

2. What three colours make up the Hungarian flag?

3. How many world flags feature stars on them?

4. Which saint famously wore the cross now used on the English flag?

5. Does the dragon face right or left on the Welsh flag?


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6. What country has most recently dropped the union jack from its national flag?

7. What flag is pictured above? [Pictured captioned as flag two]

8. If you flip the Indonesian flag, which European Country’s flag would you get?

9. What is the only country with a non-quadrilateral flag?

10. Where is the world’s tallest flagpole located?

11. What flag is pictured above? [Pictured captioned as flag three]

12. What do the flags of Belize, Guatemala, Mozambique and Saudi Arabia all have in common?

13. What animal features on the flag of Kent?

14. Which flag is flown over Buckingham Palace when the Queen is there?

15. What flag is pictured above? [Pictured captioned as flag four]

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1. South Sudan

2. Red, white and green

3. 59

4. St George

5. Left

6. South Africa

7. Andorra

8. Poland

9. Nepal

10. Saudi Arabia

11. North Macedonia

12. They all feature weapons

13. A white horse

14. Royal Standard

15. Yemen.

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