Dog Owners Say This No-Pull Harness Is Strong Enough to Control Pups of Any Size

Mastering the art of walking with a leash isn't always an easy feat for dogs, regardless of their age. Whether your furry friend is having trouble getting the hang of their leash or you've got an overexcited pup that loves to take you for a walk, it may be time to invest in a quality harness. Not sure where to begin? According to thousands of Amazon shoppers, the Auroth No-Pull Dog Training Harness is the secret to stress-free walks. 

With an adjustable, quick-buckling design that's available in sizes ranging from small to extra large, the harness offers a snug fit that your dog won't be able to snake out of. It's made with a breathable mesh fabric to prevent overheating and padded in the appropriate pressure point areas to protect their skin from friction. It's also equipped with a durable handle and two sturdy metal rings — located in the front and back — to provide extra security once the leash is attached. Use the front ring when you need no-pull control for training, and the back when you and your pup are enjoying a casual stroll. Plus, the dependable harness comes in 12 fun colors and has a reflective strip for nighttime visibility. 

Buy It! Auroth No-Pull Dog Training Harness, $21.23 (orig. $26.99);

In addition to praising its quality construction, Amazon shoppers say the harness has made leash training a breeze. "I had been really struggling with my 50-pound Pit Bull puppy," one shared. "She would not stop pulling. I purchased this harness and it has made a huge difference… She's actually learning how to behave properly when on a leash now. And, I feel like I have control over her now when we are around other people/other dogs…or anything she may see and decide to try to chase."

For one pet owner, it came in handy after their dog kept getting tangled in their leash. "Our dog kept choking herself when we would take her for walks around the block," they wrote. "With this harness she is free to walk and pull as much as she wants without choking herself." 

Buy It! Auroth No-Pull Dog Training Harness, $27.99 (orig. 30.99);

Others were impressed with the versatility of the harness, which also has room to attach pet accessories to it. "My dog is hyper, [and] making her carry her own water, treats, and bags helps burn some energy," one shopper said. "Having the molly bags always packed with poo bags and a spare lead means we can just go."

Shop the Auroth No-Pull Dog Training Harness starting at just $22 at Amazon to take the stress out of walk time.

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