Dream Street Get Together to Sing ‘It Happens Every Time’ in Memory of Chris Trousdale

Jesse McCartney, Greg Raposo, Matt Ballinger and Frankie Galasso reunite online a little over a week after their former bandmate passed away from complications related to Covid-19.

AceShowbiz -The remaining members of Dream Street reunited recently to pay tribute to their late bandmate Chris Trousdale with a heartfelt rendition of “It Happens Every Time”.

Jesse McCartney shared the Zoom performance on his social media pages, writing alongside it: “In Loving Memory of our friend Chris Trousdale. 6.11.85-6.2.20.”

As well as the video showing Jesse, Greg Raposo, Matt Ballinger and Frankie Galasso belting out the song, it also featured clips of Chris performing with the band prior to his tragic death from complications related to Covid-19 earlier this month.

Following his death, Chris’ Dream Street bandmates all paid tribute to their pal in heartbreaking posts, with Jesse remembering him as an “explosively charming” man.

“It pains me to say that an old friend, Chris Trousdale, from my early days in the music industry has passed away due to complications from Covid-19,” he wrote. “Chris had an explosively charming personality with boundless amounts of talent.”

Even though the group disbanded in 2002 after just three years together, Jesse added that it “felt like a lifetime” and the bandmates “built a real brotherhood” during their time in the industry.

“In later years, we would grow apart as our lives would take different turns, but I would often reflect on our early days together and think about how exciting it all was,” Jesse added.

Meanwhile, Frankie concluded the tribute posts, writing on his Instagram: “His passing weighs heavy on my heart, but I will always have the memories, of those years with him, to look back on fondly. I can’t begin to imagine the heartbreak his family is going through today, and I send my deepest condolences. You were taken too soon, but I know you are in a better place. Rest in peace brother.”

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