Earl of East Captures the Scents of Home for World Refugee Day

London-based fragrance and lifestyle label Earl of East has teamed up with UK-based NGO Choose Love and Uncommon Creative Studio for a trio of candles, capturing the memories of three refugees.

Based on their memories of home, Earl of East worked with Imad Alarnab to create a candle inspired by a kitchen in Damascus. It combines crushed mint, cumin, tomato leaf, and tobacco smoke, coming together for a sensory journey through his mother’s kitchen, while the candle made with Majid Adin — which is inspired by a rooftop in Mashhad, brings together roses, firewood, and basil with night-blooming jasmine.

Lastly, there’s Vanessa Nwosu, who wanted to replicate the scents of a garden in Imo State. By using fresh rain, sugarcane, pineapple leaves, and hibiscus flowers, Earl of East helps tell a story close to Nwosu’s heart, reminding them of their grandma’s garden.

All three candles feature a specially-designed casing using pastel colors and the geographical coordinates of each location, while the icon of a candle wick has been turned upside-down to replicate a pinpoint. Speaking on the collection, Niko Dafkos, co-founder of Earl of East said: “We’ve always believed that scent is a powerful form of storytelling so to have the opportunity to recreate the scent of home for three incredible refugees, whilst also supporting such a brilliant charity, was an absolute honor.”

Choose Love’s Director of Partnerships Philli Boyle said: “We are absolutely over the moon to have the support of the brilliant Earl of East in collaboration with our friends Majid, Vanessa and Imad on this very special fundraising initiative, dreamed up, with love, by the wonderful people at Uncommon Creative Studio. We are excited for people to buy them and to be transported to these remarkable people’s happy memories of home who subsequently had to leave all that they knew and loved to seek safety here in the UK. A huge 100-percent of profits from sales will go to our work supporting people on every stage of their journey.”

Take a look at the candles above, and shop the collection in-store at Earl of East’s Coal Drops Yard store or online from June 14. The candles retail for £50 GBP apiece (approx. $70 USD).

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