Felipe Pantone Will Unveil Manipulable Artworks at EXPO CHICAGO

After releasing his first-ever crypto artworks on Nifty Gateway, Felipe Pantone is back with new signature pieces set to go on virtual display at the forthcoming EXPO CHICAGO ONLINE fair. The renowned Spanish artist will present a selection of new manipulable pieces and computer-assisted works.

Pantone’s pieces for EXPO CHICAGO ONLINE will be an extension of the his collection of fine contemporary art objects shown at his most recent (and largest) solo exhibition with RGR Gallery in Mexico City earlier this year called “BIG TIME DATA.” The ongoing presentation, set to close this April 11, features a colorful range of kinetic and configurable artworks that challenge the perceptions of viewers while raising questions on mankind’s dependency on technology and vice versa.

Alongside Pantone, RGR Gallery will present the works of Elías Crespín, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Magdalena Fernández and Jesús Rafael Soto.”Each one of the selected proposals opens up different possibilities to rethink the way we approach sensory and cognitively to the artwork; each artist presents their work based on how the subject interacts -through individual experience- with the artistic object and the way in which technology changes our relationship with the world,” said the gallery in a statement.

EXPO CHICAGO will run from April 8 through April 12. The five-day programming will include dynamic discussions, film screenings, exhibition tours, and performances reflecting Chicago’s interdisciplinary arts scene. Programs taking place during EXPO CHGO ONLINE will be free and open to the public via the EXPO CHICAGO microsite.

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