Five-year-old boy donates 70 Easter eggs to NHS staff tackling coronavirus

Since the start of February, five-year-old Jacob Garratt has been collecting chocolate eggs from friends, family and members of New Song Kids, a church in Warrington.

But Jacob hasn’t been stockpiling for a post-lockdown feast.

Nope, he’s donated all the chocolate eggs he can gather to NHS workers on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis.

On Tuesday, 70 eggs, all gathered up by Jacob, were delivered to Whiston hospital in Lancs.

His mum Sarah, 32, dad Darren were so proud of Jacob for the kind gesture.

Sarah said: ‘We are bursting with pride – we are so so proud of him and the fact he is helping others.’

The family regularly donates unwanted tins and packets to their local food bank and Jacob began asking questions about why.

Sarah added: ‘He is a very inquisitive little boy. He just wants to know everything.

‘Once I explained to him that some people cannot afford to buy food in the shops to feed their families and have to rely on people giving, he asked whether the family could open a food bank or a toy bank.

‘He said, “I’ve got loads of toys, can we set up a toy bank?”.’

Originally, Jacob planned to donate the eggs to children who will be spending Easter in hospital.

But as some of the mums and dads of his friends at Sherdley Primary School work in critical care, he decided to share his eggs with doctors and nurses.

Sarah said the family does not make a habit of watching the news together. But it’s on in the background and Jacob is aware of the challenges nurses and doctors face daily.

She said: ‘He doesn’t know about the whole ins and outs of the coronavirus but he does know that doctors and nurses are risking their lives on the frontline looking after people who are incredibly poorly.

‘He is constantly thinking about other people and he wants to do his bit, knowing it’ll go quite a way.’

Whiston hospital, part of the Whiston and St Helens Hospitals’ Charity, thanked Jacob for his the chocolate treats and said that his kindness ‘made their day’.

Considerate Jacob said he loved giving away the eggs.

He said: ‘It made me really happy.

‘I want to take sweets for Halloween because at Halloween those in hospital will not have sweets.

‘I want to take sweets to other hospitals too.’

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