Fizzy drink addict who weighed 21st ditches 2-litres-a-day habit

Fizzy drink addict who weighed 21st and would have ‘horrendous mood swings’ if she didn’t get her fix loses 8st after ditching her 2-litres-a-day habit

  • Brooke Mills, 29, from Loughton, Essex weighed 21st and was a size 20
  • Started her day with a can of Coke and drank two litres of sugary drinks in a day
  • Went hand in hand with eating takeaways instead of cooking food she’d bought
  • Has lost 8st in total and now drinks four litres of water a day instead of Coke 

A mother-of-three has dropped more than 8st after ditching her daily two-litre fizzy drink addiction.

Tipping the scales at 21st, Brooke Mills, 29, from Loughton, Essex couldn’t go a day without two litres of a sugary drink, and recalls experiencing ‘horrendous mood swings’ if she didn’t get her fizzy fix.

She admits the sugary drinks would go hand in hand with unhealthy snacks and takeaways, but is now the ‘lightest’ she has ever been weighing 12st 12lbs.

She said: ‘I would crack open a can of Coke from the moment I woke up.

Brooke Mills, 29, from Loughton, Essex weighed 21st at her heaviest, due to a diet of fizzy drinks and takeaways (left). She is now the ‘lightest’ she has ever been, weighing 12st 12lbs, after ditching the two litres of fizzy drinks she used to consume every day (right)

The hairdresser said she used to always avoid the camera, but now you ‘can’t keep her out of a picture’ after shedding 8st

Brooke Mills, 29, holding a two-litre bottle of fizzy drink to show what she used to consume daily. The mother-of-three would crack open a can of Coke for breakfast and had mood swings if she didn’t get her fizzy fix 

‘Throughout the day, I would drink anything fizzy such as lemonade or orange.

‘If I didn’t have at least two litres, I would be in a foul mood. It was like I’d have withdrawals from it.’

Brooke was consuming double the recommended amount of sugar per day.

The NHS state an adult should consume no more than 30g, whereas two litres of fizzy drinks can contain as much as 20 teaspoons of sugar.

 Brooke Mills on holiday before she ditched fizzy drinks (left). The mother-of-two now sticks to meals and snacks from the Cambridge Diet plan and drinks water instead of Coke (right)

Before she lost weight (left), Brooke would rely on takeaways and processed meals and spent more than £100 a week on food. Hairdresser Brooke managed to lose 5st by dieting and then lost another 3st since January 2021 (right)

At her heaviest (left), Brooke said it was easier to order kebabs and chips than cook the food she’d bought from the supermarket. Now, slimline Brooke (right) has a smoothie for breakfast, soup for lunch and a meal replacement bar for dinner 

Alongside the drinks, Brooke was eating takeaways five times per week.

She said: ‘I could never be bothered to cook the food I had purchased from the supermarket.

‘It was easier to order a large pizza or a kebab and chips. I probably spent £100-110 per week on takeaways.’

Brooke managed to lose 5st over four years ahead of joining the 1:1 Cambridge Weight Plan in October 2020.

Brooke’s food diary before 

Breakfast – Can of Coke

Lunch – Chocolate bar, crisps, Greggs sausage roll, cheese and onion pasty and Coke

Dinner – Kebab or pizza

Drinks – Two litres of soft drinks

Brooke’s food diary now 

Breakfast – Cambridge Diet smoothie

Lunch – Cambridge Diet soup or pesto pasta

Dinner – Cambridge Diet peanut, toffee or chocolate bar

Drinks – Four litres of water

She has since lost three stone since January 2021, and is now a consultant who helps women across the nation achieve their dream bodies.

Brooke added: ‘I was never content with just one bag of crisps or one sausage roll. I always had to eat multiple and stuff my face.

‘But the overeating began to take a toll on my mental health and I was very depressed.

Brooke would drink two litres of fizzy drinks a day and would suffer mood swings if she didn’t get her ‘fix’. Since slimming down (right), Brooke is able to treat herself to a glass of fizz of a different kind, thanks to her healthier diet.

The mother-of-three said she hated the way she looked when she was a size 20 (left) and admits it took a toll on her mental health. Now Brooke describes herself as a ‘completely different person’ who has ‘never looked back’ since losing weight

‘I hated the way I looked and didn’t want to do anything.

‘I didn’t even enjoy taking my kids out as running after them was too much of a chore.

‘But now I am a completely different person, I’ve never looked back.

‘The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan has changed my life.

Previously, the mother-of-three was a size 20 and felt self conscious about how she looked (left). Now a trim size 12, she feels much more comfortable in fashionable outfits and loves having her photo taken (right)

Before she lost weight (left), Brooke felt lethargic and didn’t want to run around after her children. After her life-changing transformation (right), she’s become a consultant for the 1:1 Cambridge Weight Plan to help other women lose weight

‘I have retrained my brain and realised half of the time I was eating for the sake of it and I was actually just thirsty.

‘I have stopped drinking fizzy drinks and now have four litres of water per day.

‘I am so much happier and full of energy now.

‘I used to hate the camera but now you can’t keep me out of a picture.’

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