Flock of seagulls swarms beachgoer in latest snack attack

This could be a bonus scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”

While on a trip to a beach in Brighton, England, 46-year-old Monique Sveinsson was trying to enjoy a snack — when a gang of hungry seagulls attacked her.

“I was actually terrified,” she told Caters of her experience being dive-bombed by a flock of the notoriously aggressive birds. A clip of the incident is now going viral.

The CEO and founder of Perfect Planner Company had just acquired some chips for herself and her best friend, Emma Wilshaw, and was making her way back to their spot on the beach. That’s when the seagulls decided to make it clear they were hungry, too.

As she strolled along the beach back toward Wilshaw, the seagulls circled lower and lower around Sveinsson, who began screaming, eventually throwing away the chips in an attempt to save herself. Her cries were “nervous laughter,” she said.

The seagulls ruined her little meal before she could even get a taste of it. “No food was eaten,” she said. “I was so scared.”

And when tossing the chips, she managed to save herself from the flock but accidentally got two other people involved in her plight. “I threw them too close to a couple who were having a moment and the seagulls descended near them,” she said. “They ate the chips in seconds, literally three seconds and they were gone.”

Sveinsson may have lost her chips, but at least she maintained her freedom. Last month, a man on drugs was arrested for biting a seagull after it tried to swipe his Big Mac.

And in January, a bird-angered individual also got themselves into legal trouble following a run-in with the gulls: A Maryland motorist reportedly lured seagulls to a Dollar Tree parking lot with pre-popped popcorn and then, once the birds were consuming the snack and distracted, deliberately ran them over, killing at least 10.

This isn’t the first instance of camera-hogging seagulls going viral, either. Last summer, a plucky pair of “cam boys” — seagulls nicknamed Graeme and Steve — started making regular visits to a London traffic camera, much to the amusement of locals, and the internet.

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