Former Love Island contestants: What I wish Id known before entering the villa

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We're only three days away from the launch of Love Island 2021.

The contestants have been revealed and their intentions likely set.

But what do former islanders wish they'd known before they stepped into the villa?

Shaughna Phillips, 27

Shaughna says her time in the villa wasn't as relaxing as she thought it would be.

"I wish I knew it would be a bit more work," she told Radio 1.

"We always have lunch at a certain time, we only have an hour to get ready – where 12 girls cram into a small space. You have to stay up late to film end-of-the-day summaries… it isn't as relaxing as it looks.

"That's all fine for me, but I wish I'd known more beforehand."

Shaungha also said social media is one of the hardest things to deal with once you come out of the villa.

"You can never prepare for nasty online comments," she said. "You can think you're prepared, but you're not."

Amy Hart, 27

When it came to packing, series five contestant Amy Hart wishes she had left a few toiletries at home.

"There's so much stuff in there," she said. "You get eyelashes, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, make-up."

She also said she wishes she'd been more thoughtful about nightwear…

"In the bedroom there's one lot of air con down one side of the bedroom. Molly Mae and Tommy had the bed under the air con, so Molly would sleep in a tracksuit, but I was on the other end of the bedroom, so if I slept in anything more than tiny shorts and a T-shirt I'd be sweltering.

"Your washing gets done once a week and you don't know when it's coming back, so I wish I'd packed more pants, cooler PJs and chilled out clothes."

Amy said it is important to take your mental health seriously from the beginning.

"I was very anti going to therapy in the villa at first, because I was so scared that if I went they’d think I wasn’t fit to be in there, whereas it’s perfectly fine to use a therapist," said said.

"I’d suggest building a bond [with the therapist] whilst everything is good so when things go wrong, that bond is there."

Ched Uzor, 24

Ched, who used to be a scaffolder and is now a fitness coach, says contestants should have a career plan on the other side.

"Don't get lost in social media," he says. "Think about what you actually want to do for yourself, because as soon as a new series comes out, the new contestants get all that love.

"The personal appearances won't last forever, so use money you get from them to build a business."

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