'Fortnite' Dataminer Releases Heatmap Indicating Where Most Deaths Occur in the Game

If you’re looking for ways to improve your Fortnite game, you’re now in luck.

Avid Fortnite data miner and leaker Lucas7yoshi has released a new heatmap over on Twitter depicting the most contested areas on the iconic island where most in-game deaths occur. Tapping a data sample size of 50,000 kills, the results come in showing that Salty Towers is responsible for the most heated exchanges resulting in the highest amount of casualties, while the distant Coral Castle seems to be one of the safest locations you can camp in, at least for a portion of the match.

Of course, the map was created based on a relatively small sample size compared to the total player count on Fortnite, but since Epic Games keeps its user data and statistics pretty secure, it’s one of the best heatmaps you’ll find on the Internet, so next time you’re on the game, be sure to keep these hotspots in mind.

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