G-SHOCK's GSW-H1000 Smartwatch Boasts Built-In Wear OS By Google Tech

“Smart” technology isn’t inherently new to G-SHOCK, which has been manufacturing timepieces with smartphone connectivity since at least 2016. However, the new GSW-H1000 series is different from the Japanese company’s previous high-spec watches, primarily because Wear OS by Google is built right in, granting these models extra functionality that’s been fine-tuned to best fit active lifestyles.

Sacrificing none of the usual G-SHOCK toughness, the GSW-H1000-1 (blue), GSW-H1000-1A (black) and GSW-H1000-1A4 (red) are all fitted with the requisite sporty necessities, including distance meters, heart rate monitor, GPS map displays, calorie counter and more, with the added benefit of heightened usefulness by way of Google’s tech.

As you’d expect, the user can customize these apps as desired (Wear OS grants access to Google Assistant, Fit and Play for more downloadables), remixing the display as desired from the watch face to color theme to the actual information showcased during any given activity. Smartphone connectivity allows the wearer to track their activity history, analyze their training specs and even overlay their performance data atop videos of themselves in action.

G-SHOCK stores and stockists will receive the GSW-H1000 watch series later this month, with prices starting at $699 USD.

Most recently, G-SHOCK prepped more fashion-focused timepieces in partnership with SANKUANZ and BEAMS T.
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