Gen Z influencer gets cancelled mocking vapid digital culture of today

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Beauty is a tool in the shed; it’s not the shed. 

Gen Z influencer Serena Shahidi, known as @Glamdemon2004, became the latest victim of cancel culture with her TikTok video mocking the vapid digital culture of today.

Poking at her fans, she says in the clip: “Some of you guys have not read a book, don’t know how to do your taxes, have no sense of identity outside the internet, and can’t speak in public.”

She demanded kids do more than just be a look. 

“Who cares? Spell ‘pharaoh.’ Tell me what the FTC does,” she challenged. 

She said it’s not “hot” if the only youth hobby is media consumption. 

The post has since been deleted after teens online called for her cancellation. 

She still has her fanbase: an army of “Glam Demonators” as well as a Twitter account that translates her politics. 

Her advice for young women: “Never lower your standards, and never sacrifice your beliefs or who you are as a person for what’s popular or what people around you are doing. I think the real test of somebody’s strength as a person is: can they hold onto their belief in something when no one around them believes the same thing?”

The New York City fashionista has 55.6K followers on Twitter, 32k followers on Instagram and 405.8K followers and 23.4M likes on TikTok.

Shahidi refuses to back down. Her biting posts on her social media keep coming. 

She said: “I’ve always attempted to ride the line of satire and reality. I knew a lot of people would confuse that with my actual character, or they would think it’s completely satirical, neither of which is exactly what I had in mind. I don’t really care as long as they’re entertained, and I’m getting either money or attention out of it.”

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