Girl who broke leg in riding accident says shaving it could lead to amputation

A young woman who suffered a horrifying riding accident has revealed the reason why she now cannot shave her injured leg.

Event rider Millie Mclay, 23, broke her right leg when she was managing a stable and riding a horse in Richmond Park, south-west London, four months ago.

Explaining her accident on TikTok, she says: "The horse bolted, out of control on to the road.

"It fell on top of my leg and the impact was so bad that my bone came through my skin. The pain was absolutely unbearable – it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced."

Millie was rushed to a hospital where she had an initial surgery but she had to wait two weeks for a team of reconstruction specialists to put on an external metal frame on the injured leg.

"It has to be an external frame for risk of infection because the bone had gone into the mud and the doctor even thought about amputating my leg due to risk of infection," she continued.

"But I'm happy that the horse is okay and I am recovering."

Showing her injured leg in the video, she mentions that she has received comments about the "hairy leg".

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In response, Millie says it is due to a risk of infection that could potentially lead her to amputating her leg.

She explains: "I actually can [shave my leg] if I wanted to but the doctor just don't recommend it because it increases the risk of infection.

"And if my bone becomes infected, then I'm more at risk of having my leg amputated.

"I just feel like it's more important to avoid having this injury for the best way possible than how my leg looks like."

One viewer said: "The comments did not pass the vibe check."

"Her leg was literally broken and you all worried about some leg hair," a second commented with a skull emoji.

Another said: "There are extra hair because hair is a defence for the skin, she's injured so there is gonna be more growth in that specific area."

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