Gordon Ramsay’s monster burger slammed as fans says it looks like ‘donkey s***’

Gordon Ramsay's latest burger creation has divided the internet – and you'd need to write up a long shopping list if you wanted to replicate it at home.

The celebrity chef made a monstrous Onion Tatin Burger loaded with more than 20 ingredients to celebrate the Bank holiday weekend.

Sharing the recipe on his Instagram, Gordon called the burger "a bun to wow".

He starts by adding butter, sugar, molasses and apple cider into a pan and lets the ingredients simmer.

While waiting, he slices the Pink Lady apples and onions.

Then to cook the apple butter-basted burger, the Hell's Kitchen host pours apple cider caramel onto a cast iron pan.

Gordon then starts stacking the red onion, apple rounds and puff pastry.

He brushes the creation with more butter on top, garnishes it with sesame seeds and whacks it in the oven.

Moving on to the main ingredient – the beef patty – he minces both short ribs and sirloin steaks to make it his signature "Burger Blend".

The pro chef then marinates it with apple butter, salt and pepper.

When he sears the patty, he adds more apple butter to baste it until it's golden brown.

At the end he assembles the burger as he simply says: "Onion Tatin Burger, done!"

The super-loaded burger did not quite win over viewers' hearts as most of them said it is "too much".

One said: "That's not a burger, it's a softball sized meatloaf. What's wrong with a simple patty, salt and pepper, thrown on the grill like dad used to make?"

Another commented: "Gordon I love you and all but what on Earth is this monstrosity?"

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A third took jibe at Gordon's catchphrase: "What are you? An idiot monster burger."

"Disgusting," a fourth blasted. "Looks like sloppy donkey s*** on a plate swimming in grease."

Luckily, some fans still rooted for Gordon and wouldn't mind giving it a try.

"I can get onboard with this,"a viewer wrote and a second added: "Looks awesome, must try it!"

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