Hayley Williams Gets Stronger on New Song 'Over Yet'

Hayley Williams dropped a shimmering new song “Over Yet,” the latest single off her debut solo LP Petals for Armor, out May 8th via Atlantic.

“If there’s resistance/it makes you stronger/It’s not the end,” Williams sings over a throbbing beat, as footage of her posing for photos in extravagant outfits flashes across the screen. “It’s the right time/To come alive.”

Williams decided to release Petals for Armor in two EPs: Petals for Armor I and Petals for Armor II. Released in February, the first EP contains “Simmer,” “Leave It Alone,” “Cinnamon,” “Sudden Desire” and “Creepin.‘”

“I thought it best to start the journey this way,” she tweeted of the two EPs. “Some real heavy themes…let’s get this catharsis today, people.”

Williams delayed the release of the second EP due to the coronavirus pandemic but released the single “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris,” featuring the indie-rock supergroup Boygenius.

“This is the first time that I am seeing my name everywhere, and it kind of gives me heebie-jeebies a little bit,” Williams recently told Rolling Stone of the album. “My name doesn’t look like a name, to me, that you would see on a marquee. I also feel like Paramore is half, if not more, of who I am.”

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