Help The Denver Post create coloring pages with a Colorado theme

Colorado’s creative community has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak and related shutdowns of all theater productions, museums, galleries and performances. At the same time, many of us are currently holed up in our homes, trying to keep ourselves — and in many cases, our children — occupied with activities that take our collective minds off the outbreak continuing all around us.

One of our favorite stress-relieving activities right now: coloring. And what’s better than coloring? Colorado-themed coloring!

So we’re reaching out to you, dear readers, to help us create some Colorado coloring fun. 

Here’s how it works: Send us a sketch of your proposed coloring book page, and if we select yours, we’ll pay you $100 to turn that sketch into a coloring page (The necessary dimensions for the finished product: 9.888 inches x 17.5 inches). The pages we select will run in print with your name and social media handle at the bottom, and we’ll also publish the pages as PDFs online so folks can print them out to color. 

So get those creative juices flowing and send your coloring page sketches to [email protected] If we accept your sketch, we’ll reach out to let you know. Remember, we’re most interested in pages that have a Colorado vibe (If we don’t get at least one Blucifer submission, we’ll be super bummed — who doesn’t wanna color in those terrifying, glowy red eyeballs?).

After the pages are published, we’ll reach out again to encourage coloring enthusiasts of all ages to submit their finished masterpieces, and we’ll share our favorites here on The Know. Coloring pages will run in print on Wednesdays and Sundays.

If your business is interested in sponsoring one of these pages with an advertisement, please reach out and let us know. The more businesses that sponsor these pages, the more we’ll be able to commission from local artists.

Let’s have some fun, Colorado, and create and share local art for all of us to enjoy as we stay home to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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