HFPA Members Approve Sweeping Overhaul for Embattled Golden Globes Group (EXCLUSIVE)

The membership of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has approved its board’s plans to radically change the organization behind the Golden Globes.

Sources tell Variety that the membership voted on the proposals earlier today.

In a letter to its membership on Monday, the board introduced a plan to increase the number of people of color in its ranks. The plan also includes new restrictions on gifts that the members could receive and payments for work on their committees.

The moves come after weeks of scrutiny aimed at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Just before the Golden Globes, the Los Angeles Times published an expose that reported there hadn’t been a Black member of the HFPA in at least 20 years. A group consisting of Hollywood’s most powerful publicists warned the HFPA that they would advise their clients not to work with the HFPA until it proved it was going to implement serious changes.

The board of the HFPA, which has fewer than 90 members, said it wants to admit 20 new members in 2021, with a specific focus on recruiting Black members. It wants to increase the membership by 50% over the next 18 months, with a stated goal of recruiting members from underrepresented groups. It’s unclear if the new measures will be enough to quell the firestorm that threatens to engulf the group and end one of the entertainment industry’s most-watched awards shows. It’s not even certain that they will be approved by the wider membership, which could leave the proposals DOA.

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