Horrified mum fat shamed by doctor after asking how to gain pregnancy weight

A mum has revealed how she was shockingly fat shamed by a doctor during her gynaecologist appointment.

When Tanya Mae was 32 weeks pregnant she actually lost weight and so was recommended to consult an obstetrician-gynaecologist (OB-GYN).

But her visit to the clinic left her infuriated. She recalled the details of the appointment, which happened six years ago, by performing a sketch on TikTok where she played both the doctor and patient.

"Hi, I'm about 32 weeks pregnant and I just lost a bunch of weight because I had the flu really bad and my primary doctor is really worried about that and wanted me to schedule coming in today so I can discuss gaining the weight back," she said.

She then claimed the expert replied: "I see – have you ever considered walking for weight loss?

"Gosh, my neighbour has this awesome walking program that she follows, let me look it up for you!"

She then explained her doctor's concerns and asked the OB-GYN for ways to gain weight for the baby.

But she was told that the walking programme will be a "game changer" for her.

The specialist then asked: "Speaking of which, what did you eat today?"

She answered: "I actually have an eating disorder where part of it I struggle with restriction. I have a great nutritionist and therapist.

"This is making me really uncomfortable."

Tanya left the clinic with information about the walking programme, rather than recommendations on weight gain.

She further explained in the comments: "My eating disorder therapist, eating disorder nutritionist and my primary OB-GYN all said that pregnancy was not a time to lose weight.

"It was a danger to the baby to be losing weight at the rate I was losing."

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Her story has inspired many viewers to come forward and share similar problems they had with their doctors.

One said: "I just had a terrible experience with a doctor just like this."

"7 months in I've lost 50lbs and my doctor isn't concerned at all even though it was lost due to morning sickness I still have," another wrote.

A third penned: "I was fat-shamed at an OB today too and have switched to team midwife. This all makes my blood boil."

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