HouseParty meaning: What does around mean on House Party?

Houseparty is the app for those looking to connect or host a virtual social. The Houseparty app works on iPhone and Android, but you can also use it on your Mac or in Google Chrome.

Houseparty also offers apps to play games with friends, chat or jump on a video call.

Since Houseparty works on almost any system, it is easy to find your friends.

While the service was originally very popular with teens and college students, Houseparty has seen exponential interest from more users.

This is due to unprecedented numbers seeking to stay connected during the age of social distancing.


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What is Houseparty?

The Houseparty app is a video chat application which allows friends to pop in and out of Houseparty room to chat with each other.

Houseparty is unlike Skype or FaceTime calls requiring invites or specifically rings a friend.

Instead, consider Houseparty a more open platform, although it is not wide open for anyone to join your chat randomly.

Those wishing to invite friends can send an invite via text or iMessage which will direct users right to the app.

There are also notifications helping users find a Houseparty to join.

When in the app you need friends using it to really get a good experience.

The Houseparty app is free to use without any real limits.

You can make in-app purchases to play Heads Up in the app.

This is the popular Heads Up app and you can buy cards for an estimated 79p (99 cents) per pack.


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What parents need to know about Houseparty:

The Houseparty app is rated 12+ on iTunes and Teen on Google Play.

Alone the app does not contain any objectionable material.

Parents will approve of how users cannot jump into a video chat with a stranger, but can video chat with friends and friends of friends.

Ultimately the content on the app depends on the friends who join and their friends or other people who are invited to the Houseparty group video chat.

Houseparty tips:

Houseparty users can control some of the app to change the experience, although there is little you can do to change the experience for the most part.

You can mute the microphone if you do not want to leave a room, but you need to talk without people in the room hearing you.

Another option is to Flip the camera to show the front or rear camera view.

Most of the time it will be the front-facing camera so you are on the screen and able to see.

However, sometimes you will want to show off a cool view or activity with the front-facing camera.

No matter which camera you use, look for brighter areas to use the app for better video quality.

Houseparty users can also lock the room to prevent others from joining it if you only want a certain set of users to be part of this video chat.

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