How Conor McGregor splashes his £300M fortune on gold-crusted steaks, superyachts and lavishing fiancée Dee Devlin

CONOR McGregor's lavish lifestyle is a far cry from his humble beginnings in Dublin as a child where his family survived on the dole.

The Mixed Martial Arts fighter, 32, has just topped up his fortune by more than £400 million after selling his shares in whiskey business, Proper No Twelve.

Conor has no qualms splashing his hard earned cash from rising to the top of MMA on fiancee Dee Devlin, their children and his pals – often taking them on luxury holidays filled with superyachts.

Despite his happiness to spend, spend, spend, the fighter says he will never forget the having nothing and queuing up in Crumlin, Dublin.

Here is how he's splashed some of his hard won cash.

£640K watches & 'f*** you' suits

Since making his millions, Conor has had a wardrobe overhaul and only wears the most expensive brands.

He regularly steps out in items from luxury brands Burberry, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci.

He even uses expensive Burberry shorts for his training gear.

Conor even has his own clothing line with prestigious tailor David August Heil who made the infamous f*** you suit.

He's admitted to spending 10 hours shopping with partner Dee to celebrate wins in his career.

One spurge spree saw him splash out between £26,000 and £44,000 per item on matching ‘his n’ hers’ Audemars Piguet diamond-encrusted Royal Oak watches.

The Irish fighter has amassed a watch collection worth over £650,000 including rose gold Jacob and Co. Astronomia Casino watch is worth £471,391.

£34M engagement rings

Long-term girlfriend and mother of his two children Dee is spoilt rotten by the fighter who regularly gives her expensive gifts.

She is often seen wearing a number of Cartier rose gold and diamond encrusted bangles – worth between £6,000-£42,000 – and when she's not wearing those, she ops for a £20,000 diamond tennis bracelet.

And when it came to popping the question, he spared no expense and opted for a massive diamond ring worth more than £34million.

Dee, who is pregnant with their third child, is also regularly seen in designer brands including Hermes, Gucci and Burberry.

For Christmas 2019, Conor took her for a private shopping experience at a Grafton Street jewellers in Dublin and they left with three bags.

Alongside her matching watch with Conor, she has several other Rolex watches and a few Datejust watches. All of which feature some kind of expensive bling.

Their children Conor Jr, three, and Croia, who was born last year, are spoilt rotten.

Last Christmas saw the fighter splash out around £350 on a blue kids ride on Lamborghini toy.

As well as the model car there was a collection of Nerf toys and a large unicorn toy.

£1.3M marbella mansions & £3M superyachts

When not fighting, Conor certainly knows how to live it up while on vacation.

Conor is the proud owner of a £1.3million villa in Marbella which has a customised gym, outdoor pool and LED driveway.

But having a fancy property abroad doesn't stop them visiting other countries including Ibiza and Dubai.

He celebrated his engagement to Dee with a trip to the south of France in 2020 aboard a luxury yacht which is likely to boast a hot tub.

This year, the family have steered clear of the UK and enjoyed an extended vacation in Dubai.

The family have been seen enjoying the beaches, and Conor has posted numerous photos of 'dates' with his daughter and wife.

During his 2017 family holiday to Ibiza, Conor splashed out on a superyacht day trip which came complete with Jet Skis and a speed boat.

Another of his holidays to Abu Dabi saw him hire out 91.4 metre superyacht Moonlight II which can accommodate up to 36 guests.

The vessel features a private cinema and boasts the "most extensive" spa facilities found on a yacht.

Last year he spent £3million on his own Superyacht which he has reportedly named Ocean Dave.

The 66ft vessel has four cabins on board, making it perfect for holidays with girlfriend Dee Devlin and their two children.

As expected, the yacht is renowned for its luxury and "outstanding comfort" and even has its own en-suite in the owner's cabin.

Last year also saw him relax in a £10,000 a week luxury villa in Portugal with his family.

The stunning villa, complete with a Nordic design with wood and pine panels on the interior, has no fewer than six bedrooms.

It also boats an infinity pool for McGregor to enjoy a swim, a bouncy castle for the kids and a cinema room for the clan to settle down for a movie night.

Supercars of land and sea

When it comes to getting about, you're unlikely to catch The Notorious sportsman jumping out of an Uber.

He prefers designer supercars or a classic luxury car such as a Bentley or his orange McLaren supercar.

And last Christmas he posted a photo of the car – believed to be worth around €180,000 – with a red ribbon on top on his Instagram.

He also owns a number of other cars including a BMW and a Range Rover

He's also one of 63 lucky people to own a supercar of the sea – a luxury Lamborghini yacht worth £2.7million.

Speaking about his purchase, he said: "I am honoured to secure the Number 12 edition of just 63 to be made."

When flying, Conor doesn't do budget, or even luxury, airlines. Instead he opts for private jets ensure his family fly in comfort as well as style.

Each trip on the private plane can easily cost thousands of pounds, but Conor has no intention of going back to sharing his ride.

£700 gold leaf steaks

Growing up with little to his name, it's perhaps unsurprising that Conor makes the most of the food on offer to him now.

Like his shopping habits, his eating ones also involve luxury and no expense spared.

On a trip to Dubai he made sure to stop in an see Nusr et, who is known as Saltbae, and ordered a gold-crusted steak.

The hunk of meat set the Irish fighter back more than £700 and from his Instagram posts, it appears Conor loved all of the 24-carat leaf steak.

When back in Dublin he likes to dine in pricey Rathcoole restaurant 'An Poitin Stil', a famous restaurant built on the site of an inn dating back to 1649.

However, in 2018 Conor's manager John Kavanagh said the UFC fighter prefers his missus to cook for him than heading to out for fancy dinners.

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