How Shawn Mendes Climbed The Vine To Fame & Fortune

Today, Shawn Mendes is one of the most famous pop stars worldwide. His journey to climbing the Vine to fame and fortune is particularly notable.

The famous singer and songwriter Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is one of the many unique talents that emerge from Canada every year. Through his quick success at a young age, Shawn proved that marketing and making that talent accessible to the world are an integral part of gaining fame. His journey to stardom is extraordinary.

Born To Be a Star

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Shawn Mendes was born in 1998 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Like Justin Bieber, this singer is another living Canadian legend. Shawn has British and Portuguese origins from his mother and father, respectively. He also has a younger sister named Aaliyah.

Shawn had learned about the art of stage presence and performance from acting lessons and school theatre. He had also auditioned for Disney Channel in his early years and had a special knack for music from a tender age. By 2012, when he was a teenager, he learned the art of playing guitar by himself and watching online tutorials.

Swinging From The Vine

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Shawn Mendes’ had the wheel of fortune turned forever when he started promoting his skills on an online platform called Vine. In 2013 he posted his first video, and it instantly became a hit. In one night, he had over ten thousand followers, as he says in an interview. Vine is a video app that became very popular in the year 2003. Shawn Mendes is among the many stars that used it to begin their careers. Today Vine is no longer a hit; however, the stars are still enjoying their hard-earned fame.

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Using this 60 seconds video app in 2013, 13-year-old Mendes went from a Vine Star to a Prince Charming figure for teens, and now he is a pop star. The first performance was a cover of a Justin Bieber song called ‘As Long as You Love Me.’ It was pretty surprising even for Shawn to believe he had earned so many followers through a one-minute video. Little did he know that this would become a trend in the future through online applications like TikTok and Instagram Reels. The next best thing that happened to Shawn was meeting Andrew Gertler, his future manager. It was more like Gertler found him from his Vine video success. At that point, he was in search of a good cover of A Great Big World’s song, ‘Say Something,’ and he found Shawn’s brilliant performance online. Gertler immediately passed it on to Ziggy Chareton, the Records A & R manager.

It was an exciting find for the both of them, but they were still very apprehensive of launching a Vine Star. Soon, the singer was gaining attention steadily. Besides Island Records, other producers also got interested in labeling his talent. He was approached by Republic Records, Atlantic Records, Sony Records, and Warner Bros. Shawn’s debut EP was released in 2014 with Island Records, and it was called The Shawn Mendes EP. it was an instant success and sold over 100,000 copies. It was also a number 5 on music charts and number one in both Canada and the USA.

Shawn’s big break in the music industry was with his famous song ‘Stitches’, which won the hearts of millions, mainly teens. This song helped him gain the number 1 position in Europe. He also got the chance to have a tour with Taylor Swift. In 2015 he released an album called ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ with Camila Cabello, another youth star from the band Fifth Harmony.

The Life As a Celeb

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Shawn Mendes went from being a Vine celebrity to a world celebrity real fast. He also won the People’s Choice award for the Favorite Breakout artist. He is a source of inspiration for many teen artists looking to make it big in the music industry. Shawn also released his sophomore album called ‘Illuminate’ in 2016, and it won platinum status in America and Canada.

Shawn has been living the life ever since he earned his fortune. His world tours continue, and one of them lasted for almost a year, 2016 to 2017, where he has been spreading joy amongst fans.

Shawn Mendes might be a celebrity now, but he still cares genuinely for his fans. He feels the need to use his influence over the masses to achieve a noble cause. Shawn Mendes has an impressive net worth of about $40 million at the age of 22, and he has donated to trusts like Mercury Phoenix that support people living with AIDs.

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