How to dry clean at home

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Dry cleaning items can help extend the life of your clothing. Typically most people will wear items and over time build up a pile of items which need to be taken to your local dry cleaners. However, if you have a specialist kit or are willing to do it yourself with the below steps, it can be a quick and easy task.

How to dry clean at home

Having your clothes dry cleaned can become expensive, particularly if you have a lot of items which need the extra care.

But most items which require dry cleaning can be used at home.

You can undertake this in a number of ways including using a specialist kit which can give your clothes a professional look.

To dry clean your clothes at home, begin by separating your clothing items from the ones that are machine washable from those that are not.

Examine how mucky the items are – dry cleaning is only suited to clothing which is lightly soiled.

If there is a stain or two, that should be fine.

But heavy soiling may require more work and it is best to take it to a professional.

For any stains, you should use a specialist stain removing product.

The next step is beginning the dry cleaning process.

Place your items inside a dry cleaning bag, making sure to keep similar colours together.

Usually, you can fit three or four items inside each bag.

Try not to overfill the bag and ensure it is half full – making sure you have enough room to rotate items inside the bag.

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Unfold and add a dry cleaning sheet in the inside of your bag and then seal it.

Zip the bag so it is completely close and then allow it to infuse your clothes and straighten out wrinkles.

You should then put your dry cleaning bag inside your dryer on medium heat for up to 30 minutes.

Grab your clothes from the dryer as soon as the cycle is finished, as the longer, they are left, the more wrinkled they will be.

Take your clothes out of the bag and examine them for any stains.

If the stains have not been removed, you may need to use the stain remover for a second time.

To give your clothes the extra touch of a professional job, you should iron items or use a steamer to remove any wrinkles.

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