How to get rid of bloodshot eyes – 6 tips to alleviate irritated red eyes

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Bloodshot eyes is when the whites of the eyes turn red and can also go by the name of red eye or pink eye. This can result from a number of causes including conjunctivitis, sun damage and eye irritants. Prolonged redness of your eyes can indicate more serious issues, but often short term problems may be a result of crying, a lack of sleep or more. has compiled a list of six top tips to alleviate red-eye issues.

Irritation, blood in the eye or inflamed blood vessels can make eyes appear red.

This can happen for a number of reasons, often without pain which tends to mean the reason is not serious.

However, sometimes an underlying more serious issue may be the reason for the bloodshot eyes.

Often, bloodshot eyes can be prevented or eased with home care but an eye with a sharp, aching or throbbing pain, or one which worsens in response to light may need urgent medical attention.

You should also seek medical assistance if you have simultaneous health issues including a headache, sensitivity to light, nausea or vomiting.

How to get rid of bloodshot eyes

Bloodshot eyes can often to treated at home.

Cool compress

You should press a cold compress over your eyes to alleviate red eye symptoms.

If you place a flannel or cold water soaked in cold water over your eyes this can help bloodshot eyes.

Make sure to squeeze out the compress and remove excess cold water.

Antihistamine drop

If your eyes are down to an allergy, you should apply antihistamine drops.

These can be purchased over the counter or from pharmacies.

You should seek medical advice if you want to use antihistamine drops, as some drops can worsen redness symptoms.

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Rinse with water

You can rinse your eyes with water as an alternative to eye drops.

You should make sure the water is clean and cold.

Tap water can often cause further irritation and therefore you should ensure you use filtered water.

Blink more often

Often electronics can lead to a reduction in the amount one blinks.

Blinking more often can cause eye strain and lead to redness of your eyes.

This can dry out your eyes and therefore you should try to blink more often to reduce those symptoms.


Depending on the sleep recommendations for your age – your eyes may become red over time.

You should therefore sleep more to reduce redness in your eyes.

Switch contacts

Contact lenses can often cause chronic eye redness.

If you wear contact lenses and you notice this issue, you should speak to your eye doctor about this issue.

The optometrist can help you pinpoint the problem and address the symptoms.

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