How to look after an aloe vera plant

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Aloe vera is a low-maintenance succulent popular in many households. Aloe vera can be kept indoors or outdoors and does not require constant watering, which is good news for forgetful plant parents. Read on to find out how to look after an aloe vera plant.

What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera is recognisable for its distinct rosette formation and its vibrant green colours.

Aloe vera leaves are also noticeable for their distinct toothed edged leaves.

For years, aloe vera has been hailed for the soothing properties of its sap.

Aloe vera is often used in a number of medicines as well as in remedies for sunburn.

How do you grow aloe vera?

Aloe vera can be grown as a houseplant indoors, or it can be grown outside in the warmer seasons.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) website, to grow aloes in containers, cactus compost works well.

However, good quality compost with “added sharp sand or grit to improve drainage” is also suitable for aloe.

The containers should be placed in full light in an area of good ventilation.

Make sure the containers allow for good draining with plenty of drainage holes.

The RHS adds aloe “will not grow well in continuously wet compost or in shade”.

Aloe does not thrive in humid or freezing temperatures, so bear this in mind when finding a home for aloe.

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How to look after aloe vera

It’s really important when looking after an aloe vera plant that it isn’t overwatered.

When watering aloe vera, make sure the soil has drained well and is dry before watering again.

If the soil is dry, aloe vera plants should be watered deeply.

Some suggest watering aloe vera every two to three weeks.

However, plant owners should check before watering to see if the aloe needs it.

As with all succulents, aloe vera can gather dust while indoors.

So every once in a while, it may be worth giving aloe vera a dust with a light brush.

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