‘HTGAWM’ Creator Reveals It’s ‘Possible’ That Annalise Isn’t Really Dead & More Final Season Scoop

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ returns for its final 6 episodes on April 2. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with creator Pete Nowalk about Wes’ return, Annalise’s fate, Asher’s killer, and more.

There are a lot of questions surrounding the beloved characters of How To Get Away With Murder, and creator Pete Nowalk is ready to answer them all. The midseason finale featured a number of shocking moments: Asher is dead, Connor and Michaela have been arrested for his murder, Annalise is MIA, and Wes is alive! Given the fact that Wes was killed off in season 3 but is very much alive in the flash-forward, HollywoodLife asked Nowalk about whether or not Annalise could still be alive.

“Anything is possible,” Nowalk told HollywoodLife at the How To Get Away With Murder series wrap event. “I’ve read a lot of theories about that. Obviously, I love twists from this show and sometimes I actually work off the twist that the fans have come up with. I actually think they did inspire this one with Annalise being dead. So, of course, it’s possible. We’ll find out by the end. I won’t leave you hanging.”

When Wes showed his face at Annalise’s funeral, it sparked a lot of questions. After all, we did see his dead body after he supposedly died in the Keating house fire. Nowalk stressed that we’ll get answers about where Wes has been all this time and why he’s back. “I don’t want to leave any questions left unanswered, so you’ll find out why Wes is there, what he wants, what his journey is in the end, all by the end of the series,” Nowalk continued.

The showrunner also revealed that Wes being alive was not always going to be the case. “It was not the plan the whole time,” Nowalk said. “So much of this show we come up with on the fly in the writers’ room. I think it actually allows us to keep surprising the audience because we’re surprising ourselves. Nothing was planned from the beginning. I would love to say I planned everything, but I will say I’m really shocked by how much it seems like we’ve planned certain things and I hope you all agree when you watch it.”

Since Wes is back in the picture, that means Laurel will be, too. “A lot of the Laurel questions will be answered,” Nowalk teased. “Where has she been? Who was talking to? What does she want? All of that. You’ll find out how her and Wes are relating to each other right now.”

HTGAWM fans spent the first half of the final season guessing who killed Annalise. Now we all want to know: who killed Asher? Fans won’t have to wait long. “I won’t tell you exactly when, but that was one of the questions we wanted to answer sooner than later because, of course, we have only 6 episodes to answer a lot of questions,” Nowalk noted. “We wanted to make sure that every episode is fulfilling and answers things for people once and for all.” How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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