Influencer takes snaps seconds apart to show ‘natural’ reality of bloating

An influencer has been praised online for her latest side-by-side photo.

Georgie Clarke is known for her no-nonsense attitude and she breaks down Instagram "standards of beauty" one post at a time.

In a recent upload, the blogger took snaps minutes apart to highlight the reality behind posed Instagram pictures.

On an occasion before that, Georgie shared how influencers fake "perfect" sitting photos at restaurants.

And now she's done it again…

Posting to her 726,000 followers on Instagram, Georgie highlighted how normal it is for our bodies to suffer from bloating.

Since uploading it earlier on Friday, it has already racked up over 11,000 likes at time of writing.

Her caption read: "Let be real – every female knows that the first few days of your cycle means one thing – bloated AF.

"I've basically eaten chocolate for breakfast, chocolate for lunch and yes I'll be having chocolate for dinner today…

"Maybe I'll top it off with a hot chocolate before bed too? The sugar cravings are REAL.

"I know it's hard to not look at yourself when you're bloated and feel upset but remember it's natural for your body to do this."

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She went onto say how she's experienced bloating ahead of bikini shoots as she gave fans a "reality check".

Georgie added: "There will be about 100 pictures of them looking like I do on the right.

"'The shot before the shot' I like to call it… the reality of the shoot.

"If you see an image of yourself looking bloated in the future I encourage you to be kinder to yourself. Let's be kind to ourselves."

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Fans rushed to comment on her post, with one writing: "Love your page always keeping it real."

Another added: "Well said," accompanied with a love heart emoji.

A third commented: "Can totally identify with this this week, thanks for the reminder!"

A third praised: "I wish more influencers would share this side of themselves. I'm sick of everyone competing for fake perfection."

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