iPhone 12 warning issued as scammers target customers buying latest model

Callous hackers are already trying to scam eager Apple fans only hours after the latest phone was unveiled.

Criminals have already started rolling out fake iPhone 12 cons hoping to trick unsuspecting customers.

Security experts have warned tech fans to look out for offers following the launch of the new iPhone.

Apple revealed four new handsets this week that will be top-of-the range and complete with 5G.

The US firm confirmed that the newest phones will run on faster networks, and unveiled a new range of “Mini” models.

The higher-end iPhone 12 Pro models also get bigger screens than before and a new sensor to help with low-light photography.

And for the first time no devices will come in the usual bundle with headphones and charger.

The announcements were made to the delight of Apple fans – but it has sparked warnings of increased criminal activity online.

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Analysts have already uncovered 100 suspicious domains mentioning the word Apple.

Hackers are targeting consumers who are willing to pay big money for the latest tech, according to reports.

Malicious sites ask innocent customers to enter their Apple ID and passwords to access information or phoney pre-order forms.

Details are then stolen by crooks and sold on.

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Experts at Kapersky warned that there has been a resurgence in fraudsters amid the latest announcement.

Tatyana Sidorina, a security expert, told TechRadar: “This resurgence of scammers’ interest in Apple services shows that they would happily benefit from anything that attracts users’ attention.

"The launch of the new iPhone might be a perfect opportunity for scammers to spread malicious features.”

So it might be worth double checking a site is legitimate before entering any personal details.

Apple was met with criticism from fuming fans for scrapping chargers and headphones from its latest drop of handsets.

The US giants said the move was to reduce its impact on the environment and help climate change.

The cheapest is the iPhone 12 Mini, which retails for $699 (£540), while the iPhone 12 will start at $799 (£620).

The iPhone 12 Pro retails for $999 (£770) while the largest, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, will start at $1099 (£850).

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