Joe Wicks shares tips for working out at home as he says ‘we’ll get through this’

Joe Wicks has been hugely successful with his online P.E classes, so much so that the star has already raised £80k for our incredible NHS staff and those working on the frontline.

Last week he had as many as one million people tuning in to watch his exercise classes live. His 30 minute lessons seem to have the nation hooked, and they're inspiring kids and adults alike to shake a leg during a time when we’re barely allowed to step outside.

In a recent interview with Grazia, the fitness expert shared tips on how to get the most out of the online exercise classes. For those, alike to us, who are considering trying them. He revealed that: “The beauty of what I do is that it can be done anywhere, with very minimal equipment.

“All you need is a tiny area where everyone can get involved, where you can do squats, running on the spot, press-ups… you really don’t need a lot of space.”

As for spending money on workout gear to get started, Joe said that people do not need to come to classes with anything and they can "even go barefoot" if they are working out on a carpet floor.

However he does advocate going out into the garden if possible as “it really lifts your mood. Fresh air is important at the moment.”

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For those avid gym-goers that feel that his workouts will be too easy for them, Joe also assured this wasn’t the case. And when you think about it that makes sense considering kids do seem to have way more energy.

The Body Coach asserted: “If you work hard for 25 minutes a day, it’s enough. I’m just doing my one workout with the kids each morning, and that’s enough for me”.

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The most important obstacle we all face when exercising is of course finding the motivation. However like anything, it is actually starting that is he hardest part. Joe agrees with this and said in the interview: “Just pick a workout, get it going and I’ll motivate you through the rest.”

However, if PE classes are not to your liking there are many other workouts online all available with a click of the finger. It’s just about finding the courage to press play!

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