Jordan Klepper Shares Never-Before-Seen Video From ‘Awful’ Day Of Insurrection

“The Daily Show” released previously unseen footage from the U.S. Capitol riot on Monday.

In the video looking back at Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign rallies, correspondent Jordan Klepper revisited “what that awful day of insurrection” by supporters of the then-president “looked like on the ground from the point of view of a guy was just there to find some laughs.”

Klepper recalled a charged atmosphere — saying it felt “unnerving” in Washington even the night before the violence, where he heard Trump supporters pushing conspiracy theories in his hotel lobby.

On Jan. 6 itself, the correspondent revealed how tensions began to escalate and how his team planned an escape route if things got hairy.

“There was a mix of the scary and the absurd ― MAGA in a nutshell,” quipped Klepper.

The insurrection footage starts at the 20-minute mark here:





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