Kate Middleton's Self-Isolating Look Involves No Jewelry and the Perfect Blowout

While a lot of the world is self-isolating in pajamas and gym clothes that will never see the glaring fluorescent light of a fitness facility, Kate Middleton is maintaining her perfect blowout and dialing back on her royal bling. According to People, the Kensington Royal Instagram account let followers see what working from home is like for the royals and eagle-eyed fans zeroed in on some key details.

For one, Middleton isn't wearing her engagement ring or her diamond eternity band. Why? Like many things, they've fallen victim to the rules and regulations surrounding the coronavirus. Rings keep people from thoroughly washing their hands, so Kate's setting a good example by keeping her diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring and diamond band out of the spotlight for now. People adds that she was still wearing her Welsh gold wedding band, however, so not everything is put away.

Kate Middleton

Middleton's at-home look also involved a tailored suit, her signature soft smoky eye, and princess-worthy hair. Of course, things may be different when there aren't cameras around, but it seems like royalty definitely does this whole work-from-home thing a little more dressed up than the rest of the world. In the photos, Kate is wearing a dusty pink suit that she also wore to visit a call center with Prince William. While there are no clear shots of her shoes, here's hoping she skipped out on the heels for a day of royal Zoom calls and snack breaks.

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