Kew Gardens: UNESCO World Heritage site has laid on an online virtual tour for visitors

But visitors who were thinking about a trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens need not miss out. The UNESCO World Heritage site has laid on an online virtual tour to let us see the stars of this 320-acre jewel without having to leave the safety of our homes. On display on its website are trees bedecked with white or pink blossom, beds of bluebells, magnolia graced by pink and white flowers, and a sea of red and yellow tulips.

It is also using social media to show off delicate Erythronium hendersonii, yellow and dark red Fritillaria reuteri and expanses of hyacinths in yellow and purple, pansies of countless colours and blue Chionodoxa.

Kew has downloadable teaching resources available to keep children occupied too.

The famous gardens graced west London since bringing pleasure to with over 50,000 plants.

Kew’s director Deverell said: “In these unprecedented and uncertain times, want to continue to share beauty of the plants and at this time of year with many people as possible. “We encourage anyone might have visited this spring, perhaps has never visited, explore our sites virtually.”

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