Laurence Fox warned by police over ‘breaking Covid rules’ while campaigning

Laurence Fox has received a warning from police officers over reportedly "breaking Covid rules" during his London Mayor election campaign.

The 42-year-old actor and media personality shared a clip on social media as two officers turned up at his home on Wednesday morning.

Fox, who launched the Reclaim Party last year, filmed the officers who turned up to his house and shared the footage to his Twitter page.

The officer said he was reported for "breaking Covid rules" while campaigning, but said they didn't have any "evidence of that per se at the moment".

He explained that while door-to-door leafleting was now allowed, Fox was reportedly "meeting big groups in London and running your campaign that way".

Laurence hit back saying they shouldn't have come to his door if they didn't have any evidence, especially while "actual crime is off the charts".

He shared the video with his 274,000 followers on Twitter and captioned the post: "Bit of mild intimidation to start the day from the boys in blue.

"'We have no evidence but…' Stop right there.

"Then why are you knocking on my door?

"Meanwhile actual crime is off the charts. You're just making me more determined to reclaim our freedom."

Laurence's newly founded Reclaim Party was approved by the Electoral Commission just last month.

The Lewis actor plans to "offer a voice to those who are being dominated into silence" ahead of his head-to-head battle with Sadiq Khan, who has held the City Hall seat since May 2016.

He told The Telegraph: "I am standing for London mayor. With almost all older and vulnerable people having got their jab, I want the lockdown lifted straight away.

"The Government has said vaccines are working, hospitalisations and deaths are tumbling, but we are still being told we won't be able to resume normal life until mid-summer at the earliest."

He continued that "both the main parties are competing in this dreary race to be the last to set the country free" and he added that "both Tory and Labour have got this badly wrong".

"I want London – and indeed the rest of the country – to be allowed to get back to work and play immediately – not by late June", Fox added.

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