Lewis Hamilton mocked by Kimi Raikkonen with 'evolution of a F1 driver' post alongside a worse-for-wear throwback snap

KIMI RAIKKONEN teased Lewis Hamilton over his fashion sense with a wisecracking Instagram post.

Comparing the six-time world champion to Formula One legend James Hunt, the Finn poked fun at Hamilton's lifestyle.

The pair may be the oldest drivers on the grid but are certainly men of different eras.

Hamilton, 35, is a vegan, eco-conscious fashionista whereas Raikkonen, 40, is from the old school of celebrity.

Known for keeping his words to a minimum at the track and rambunctious partying off it, the Alfa Romeo star insisted he is carrying the flag for the likes of Hunt.

A world champion in 1976, Hunt was incredibly popular for his carefree, happy-go-lucky style before his death aged just 45.

On Wednesday night, Raikkonen posted a picture of the 1970s icon smoking and drinking in the sun while topless, alongside Hamilton riding a scooter at Mugello while showcasing his matching chequered outfit.

He captioned the pic: "Evolution of a Formula 1 driver."

And Raikkonen added a throwback picture of himself partying, cigarette in hand, to hark back to a different time in the sport.

The veteran wrote: "Don't worry, not all hope is lost yet!"

Many F1 fans enjoyed Raikkonen poking fun at his old championship rival, showing their appreciation of the sport's less serious side.

Theo tweeted: "Kimi Raikkonen will NEVER be at Lewis Hamilton's level so all he can do is poke fun at his fashion sense…"

Tommy added: "I think a solid 80% of the F1 community either found it funny or completely agree. So it’s up to you whether you wanna lighten up a bit."

Su joked: "Kimi Raikkonen actually put these on his insta story hahaha LEGEND."

And Colleen posted: "Kimi Raikkonen's Instagram story should remind everyone why he is the best man ever. He doesn’t say much but when he does it’s gold."

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