Lorde Is Back and Bringing Midsommar Vibes In Her Upcoming ‘Solar Power’ Album

Four years after her critically acclaimed album Melodrama, Lorde finally returned earlier this month to bring hippie, summer vibes courtesy her new single “Solar Power” — as well as more anticipation for her fans. On Sunday (June 20), the 24-year-old New Zealand singer dropped a mysterious clip on her website to tease her upcoming new and third album Solar Power.

The 20-second clip depicts Lorde dressed in a beige outfit, calmly sitting and meditating behind an arrangement of plants and branches on a beach. A tent and a campsite are in the background, along with two individuals working together. The sounds accompanying the video are the wind and nature. Towards the end of the clip, the camera is focused closer to Lorde, who suddenly opens her eyes with an intense stare.

Although no textual context is provided on the clip, it is no coincidence Lorde released the clip on the summer solstice. Fans have noticed that both the new trailer and the music video of lead single “Solar Power” evoke aesthetics from the 2019 film Midsommar. A fan even created and uploaded a video on YouTube with “Solar Power” playing along with a montage of clips from the film.

Previously, on June 16, Lorde teased another mysterious trailer on her website with a video panning over a crop circle spelling out “SP,” her upcoming album’s initials.

Though there is no official release date for Solar Power yet, Lorde revealed on her website on June 7 that it would drop some time this year. In regards to what new vibes she will bring to the album, she dropped hints in an email to her fans last May.

“Happy, playful things,” she said. “I felt my melodic muscles flexing and strengthening.”

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