Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson chops off ‘mullet’ for jaw-dropping makeover

Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson availed of the newly reopened salons this week, chopping her long blonde hair into a chic bob.

Megan previously used hair extensions to achieve length in her hair, though informed fans her natural hair looked like an "absolute mullet" in a life update video earlier in April.

The reality star, 27, has been working long blonde highlights for months, regularly wearing her hair in curls and parting it down the centre.

Feeling it was time for a change, Megan headed to Taylor's Hairdressers in Southend on Friday and decided to cut her hair into a feathered bob, falling to her shoulders.

Parted to one side, her hair has been tinted a shade of subtle caramel with a gently sloping side fringe and a wave worked through the length.

Sharing a quick update with fans on Instagram, Megan thanked her stylist, Victoria Kernott, for her new ‘do, showing the chop angled from the side.

While filming a recent Instagram reel, Megan noticed a piece of her natural hair had curled away from the extensions, as she asked fans not to "troll" her over the lockdown ‘do.

"That is going to bother me throughout the duration of our chat which really isn't ideal," she said, tucking away the strand of hair.

"Just pretend you can't see that. Please don't troll me or comment about that because there's nothing I can do about my absolute mullet underneath."

Since her appearance on Love Island in 2018, Megan has undergone a number of hair transformations, playing around with highlights and even going fully brunette.

Megan has been one of Love Island's biggest success stories, collaborating with high street retailer Ann Summers and landing TV appearances on rival shows Celebs Go Dating and Eating With My Ex.

Last December, she bagged another job as a correspondent for Vice, writing sex-positive articles about intimacy and relationships.

In her first column, she shared tips with readers on dating during the pandemic, admitting "going on in-person dates again after a lockdown can feel daunting".

Offering sage advice to fans, her more recent articles follow everything from the ins and outs of dating friends to the best ways to set up a successful dating profile online.

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