Madonna Puts Her $19.3 Million Mansion On Full Display

Madonna has entertained the masses for decades and is worth a cool $850 million. It comes as no surprise that she lives in a mansion that’s quite brag-worthy, by anyone’s standards. The music mogul snagged a massive mansion from The Weeknd merely a month ago, and it seems she’s had no problems settling in. Daily Mail reports that a recent Instagram video posted to her account depicts the lavish lifestyle that surrounds her, and of course, her children. The video captures some elaborate perks such as a stunning indoor pool, as well as a sneak peek of the interior detailing that make this huge home absolutely drool-worthy.

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Madonna’s Hidden Hills mansion is a whopping 13, 391 square feet within the gated community, and her children have the run of the place, with 9 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms accessible to them. The sprawling grounds ensure the large family can spend time together with ample space to spare, and the amenities in her home keep the kids active and busy as they are able to engage in activities such as swimming and basketball, without ever having to leave the property.

The video moves quickly, but Madonna still manages to reveal a number of different angles of her mansion to fans. The sheer size of her basketball court is absolutely breathtaking and it’s clear that the professionally designed court offers a spectacular view of the Hills. The landscape is nothing short of perfection, with clear visibility of the lush greenery that surrounds her estate, and spans well into the distance.

Her children are clearly enjoying the abundance of space they have, as the video shows David, who has some serious skills on the court, playing ball with his siblings. The kids are in their glory, reaping the benefits of this enormous play area they have all to themselves.

Madonna also lets the camera follow her to the front foyer, where her enormous floor-to-ceiling windows give a clear view of the exotic cars parked at the front.

The high ceilings are evident as the camera pans the white hallway, stopping long enough for fans to see the fabulous art that is carefully hung on the walls.

There is fine detailing throughout every angle of this home, and it’s evident that Madonna has truly created a warm, loving feeling inside an incredibly vast space.

Given how much she adores spending time with her brood, this Hidden Hills mansion offers everything that the kids could ask for to keep them busy, as well as the serenity of being in the hills, for life’s more tranquil moments.

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