Major Brands Describe 2020 in One Word

As we finally approach the end of the year, Twitter tweeted out a prompt that asks its users to describe “2020 in one word.” Aside from the plethora of people voicing what they thought about the testing 12 months we have faced due to COVID-19, many major brands decided to join in on the fun.

Playing on their service issues Xiaomi wrote “Reboot,” YouTube simply delivered “Unsubscribe,” Zoom came through with “Unstable,” while Adobe didn’t follow the guidelines with “Ctrl + Z.” Some other standouts include Lego‘s “Ouch” accompanied by a foot emoji and photo of a block, Call of Duty‘s harkening the year to time in its infamous “Gulag” and Subway‘s emphatic “Long” tweet. Unexpected submissions came from adhesive bonding brand Flex Seal with “Damage” and Bagel Bites referencing the success of BTS in 2020 with “Bangtan.”

Catch all the replies Twitter received for its prompt from major brands below.

In case you missed it, the fashion industry’s revenue is expected to drop by nearly 90 percent by the end of 2020.
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