Man counts up sweets inside Quality Street tin and result leaves people raging

If we can't rely on Quality Street at this time of the year, then what can you pin your hopes on?

One chocolate lover had some spare time on his hands – so counted up contents of his newly purchased tin.

The results don't make for great reading if you can't get enough of some of the most popular sweets.

A picture showing the ratio of each variety of chocolate inside the tub of the traditional treat has gone viral on Twitter.

Stephen Hull, head of digital at ITV News, found the tin to contained a total of 85 chocolates – but discovered just four of the legendary purple ones.

Meanwhile, there were also only four of much-loved green triangle and the caramel cup.

If you are a fan of the orange creme or the toffee penny then get in touch with him.

He found 11 each of those – but they clearly aren't in his top three.

The newsman's tweet has racked up more than 30,000 likes and sparked a fierce debate online.

He wrote: "Bit of spare time on my hands today so I audited the unopened Quality Street tin.

"Just 4 purples (4.7%) and yet a massive 11 (12.9%) orange ones. Another blow for 2020. Who do I complain to? #inequalitystreet."

Of course, the great Quality Street debate always rages at this time of the year.

But finally it appears we have some answers regarding which twist-wrapped treats really are the most popular with Brits.

The Quality Street website launched seven weeks ago – and its data has offered some vital clues.

GetSurrey report that they have experienced huge demand for its personalised tins.

The most popular choice is the Purple One.

But, Nestlé say it is close – as the Green Triangle currently ranks second.

Fruit Crèmes take third and fourth spots for Strawberry Delight and Orange Crème. The Caramel Swirl is stranded in fifth place.

But the least loved appears to be the Toffee Finger, with fewest orders.

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