Mauna Kea's Latest FW21 Channels The Spirit of Rare Animals

Mauna Kea unveils its latest Fall/Winter 2021 collection, titled “Rare Animals” encouraging the deeper connection between humans and the Earth.

The collection’s rollout is split into three chapters inspired by the habitual characteristics of three rare animals, highlighted by a keyword resonating with the Italian label’s ethos. From the Siberian tiger’s connection to its environment of origin and proud territorial nature and the Koi Carp’s ability to swim against the current to boast its non-conforming independence, to the elegant but strong Red Deer which holds the title of “King of the Forest” — each chapter is a reflection of the brand’s lifestyle.

The 100-piece collection, handcrafted in Italy, comprises of a selection of outerwear, hoodies, T-shirts and accessories adorned with stand-out embroideries. The range’s bright color palette is achieved by the brand’s unique “SPRY AND DYE” tie-dyeing technique channeling its surfing heritage. Handmade in Mauna Kea’s Florentine laboratories, this method creates a garment effect evoking nature’s hues as well as an animal print inspired by the collection’s theme. Stand-out pieces from the latest drop include a moleskin overshirt and hoodie with bicolor treatment as well as a stone-washed bomber jacket.

Mauna Kea’s Rare Animals FW21 collection is available to purchase now from the brand’s website.
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