McDonald’s customer gets fresh fries ‘every time’ with cheeky trick

A food blogger has shown how get gets fresh and piping-hot fries every time he orders from McDonald's.

In an Instagram video, user Jonny Massaad @cakemail orders two lots of fries – one as it comes with salt and another requested to have "no salt".

Jonny, from cake delivery business Cakemail, explains that if you order the fries to come without salt a new batch has to be cooked so they are straight out of the fryer rather than from the hot plate.

"Another Maccas hack, order chips without salt and they'll be fresher than the ones with salt because they have to be made from fresh," he says.

He shows both bags of fries – which look identical – but then compares them by testing with a thermometer.

While the regular fries with salt already sprinkled on them were 24.3C, the fries that were made especially without salt were 36.9C.

In the caption, he wrote: "Have you tried this before?!"

The video has since been "liked" thousands of times and Maccies fans weighed in on whether they thought the hack was worthwhile or not.

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One person commented: "I used to do this and I was so cocky with it that I would ask them for salt sachets after they gave me my food.. lol."

Another person blasted: "This makes their job 10 times harder especially in busy periods, just ask for fresh fries…"

"You are that one annoying customer," joked someone else.

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Others said they wouldn't have the patience for fresh fries, with one person writing: "Yeah but you also have to wait like 10mins for some chips soooooo…"

This comes after a McDonald's fan revealed how you can get discounts on Maccies food with a simple trick that isn't particularly time-consuming.

And McDonald's has been able to reopen its dine-in areas in England and Wales from May 17.

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