Megan Thee Stallion Slams Claims She Has Beef with Cardi B: 'I Don't Like Drama'

Megan Thee Stallion is speaking out to deny claims she has beef with Cardi B.

Megan, 25, cleared the air on Twitter Wednesday after she received backlash from fans for allegedly “liking” a comment that was left on her YouTube account about Cardi, 27.

“She won my respect… paying homage to the GOAT means a lot. Pac would be proud. She exceeded Cardi, HANDS DOOOOWN,” the comment read.

A fan took a screengrab of Megan’s interaction with the post and shared it on Twitter.

“It’s officially confirmed. Megan Thee Stallion does NOT f— with Cardi B.”

In response, Megan denied the exchange, writing, “I did not like no damn stupid ass comment like this.”

“I don’t even upload my own s— to my YouTube my label does. I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANYBODY. I don’t like drama I do not bring other females down stop trying to start fake beef,” Megan added.

“I’m thinking in my head, ‘Everybody cool, we all cool, we family, it’s cool, it’s nice,’” she said, noting that things immediately changed when she brought up renegotiating her contract. “Now they telling a bitch that she can’t drop no music. It’s really just a greedy game.”

Last month, 1501 Entertainment CEO and founder Carl Crawford also seemingly addressed the drama with Megan in a cryptic post about “loyalty.”

“At a time when loyalty is at an all time low it’s nice to be link with @jprincerespect who is steady teaching me how to move in this cutthroat industry. And I know that terrifies some especially the ones who double cross me,” he wrote, including the hashtag “Payback is a bitch.”

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