Michael Strahans ex-wife arrested for allegedly harassing her former girlfriend

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Michael Strahan’s ex-wife was arrested for allegedly harassing her former girlfriend in Manhattan, according to police and reports.

Jean Strahan, allegedly appeared at the Upper West Side home of Marianne Ayer around 7 p.m. Friday — even though Ayer has an order of protection requiring Strahan to stay away, cops said.

Strahan, 56, was charged with criminal contempt for allegedly breaking the order of protection, the NYPD said.

Ayer, 57, has accused Strahan of grand larceny, disorderly conduct, harassment, and forcible touching, according to TMZ, which cited court documents filed earlier this month.

Ayer also alleged that Strahan threatened her with a plastic gun and kicked her German Shepherd, the report said.

A lawyer for Jean Strahan did not immediately return a message.

Jean Strahan is the football star’s second wife. They divorced in 2006 and recently settled claims Michael had made alleging that Jean had abused their 16-year-old twin daughters.

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