Money-saving mum shares tip to get free chicken wings and fries at KFC

A savvy mum has discovered a trick to get free KFC food using the restaurant's mobile app – and you don't need to pay anything on top.

Bargain hunter Holly Smith, who founded the popular Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, regularly shares her money-saving tips with her 1.7 million members.

In one of her latest TikTok videos, she showed a simple way to get free food from the fried chicken restaurant.

Holly sits in her car and explains: "This is how you get free food at KFC in the UK.

"Simply download the KFC app and after you've signed up, you will see 'Free Side' appear on the app."

She turns the camera to her phone and clicks on the app to open it.

After downloading the app, you'll get a unique QR code and at the bottom of the screen.

This offers you more than 30 freebie choices – including regular fries, creamy mash, southern rice and a range of soft drinks.

The offer is available for 180 days and Holly adds: "What's great about this is no purchases necessary."

She redeems two hot wings, which normally cost £1.99, and shows the receipt saying: "See it didn't cost us a penny.

"Food is always better when it's free."

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Many viewers said they couldn't wait to try and dine in at the restaurant.

One said: "We need this today! And have it inside KFC!"

Another wrote: "Free food is the best and it tastes better."

A clever viewer even shared another way to get free food from KFC.

They added: "Also if you go to the bottom of the receipt and do a survey, you get a code for a free snack."

Elsewhere in China, a group of five students exploited the loophole in the KFC app and managed to get themselves £22,000 worth of free food at the fast food chain.

They pleaded guilty to the offence and reportedly paid an undisclosed sum to KFC in compensation.

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