Mother bakes realistic-looking and gruesome cakes and cookies

Revolting recipes! Baker who creates hyper-realistic cakes shaped like bloody ears, infected toenails and CIGARETTES reveals clients are sometimes too grossed out to eat

  •  Natasha Collins, 49, began baking her gruesome designs around 12 years ago
  •  Mother of two, from Berkhamsted, Herts, likes people to be repulsed by them 
  •  Makes Chinese takeaway and trashed trifle cakes and mushroom cookies 
  • As well as unusual designs, she also creates beautifully elaborate floral cakes 

A baker who specialises in creating hyper-realistic cakes shaped like everything from bloodied toenails to discarded cigarette butts has revealed her creations are sometimes ‘too revolting’ to eat.  

Skilled baker Natasha, 49, from Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, also designs beautiful floral cakes but admits she has a dark sense of humour and enjoys making things that turn people off. 

She said: ‘I really like that twisting of expectations – of having a really delicious cookie but no-one wants to eat it, or they are revolted by it.’

Baker Natasha Collins, 49, from Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, loves to make cake designs that disgust people such as these bloody, severed finger cookies

The creative mother of two makes unusual and incredibly realistic cake designs, including English breakfasts with burnt edges and fat bubbles

Natasha, who also bakes intricate floral cakes, says nothing pleases her more than for people to be repulsed by her gruesome designs

The married mother of two, who does not wish to name her 16 and 13-year-old children, specialises in confusing people’s taste buds. 

She serves up a realistic-looking full English breakfast – complete with burnt bits and fat bubbles – that turns out to be made from cookies, or Chinese takeaway noodles rustled up from cake and fondant.  

Natasha’s strange culinary journey began unexpectedly 12 years ago, when her children were little.

A trained illustrator and textile designer, who had first studied graphic design at the University of Northumbria, she found it hard to go back to full-time work while looking after a pre-schooler and toddler, so started cake-making to earn some extra cash.

The skilled baker began designing cakes 12 years ago when her children were little to make some money and has since found her niche, creating realistic-looking bakes such as this cookie pizza

As a trained illustrator and with a background in graphic design, she tried her hand at making some wacky designs and has since set up a business (Pictured: Cookie mushrooms)

She had been making cakes for birthdays for many years as a hobby and soon discovered she was better with a paint brush than a piping bag (Pictured: Severed ear cookies)

She explained: ‘I’d always been a baker and started making cakes for birthdays when the children were young.

‘They became quite adventurous but at that point it was just a hobby and to earn a bit of pocket money but then it just took off.

‘I did a lot of traditional style cakes for birthdays but one day I was trying to do a ‘happy birthday’ banner across a cake using piping and found I just couldn’t do it, I kept having to start again.

‘I looked into edible food colouring and found I could paint it on instead. I am not good at piping but I can use a paint brush.’

From there on in, there was no limit on Natasha’s arty baking skills and she now makes a living from cake and cookie making, having set up Nevie Pie Cakes three years ago.

She said: ‘Some of my creations are not pretty looking at all and I find that quite funny.

Her designs are extremely elaborate and often people are too put off to eat them. (Pictured: A trashed trifle cake)

The inventive baker also creates designs using cake, fondant noodles and food gel which look like a Chinese takeaway

She says people find the stubbed out cigarettes on her cakes so disgusting they expect the cake to have an ashy taste 

‘I loved making a cake with cigarettes stubbed out on it for a hen do, using ground up cookies and coconut to get the look of ash.

‘It looks so disgusting that people can’t even eat it because they expect to get that tangy ashy cigarette taste. Often you eat something with your eyes first, but then you eat the cookie and it tastes completely different. It’s tricking people.’

Explaining how the idea for her full English breakfast cookie came about, she said: ‘I was trying to think of birthday cakes I could do for men. 

‘The cakes out there tended to be focused on hobbies like golf or football, which I found boring so I thought about what my dad, Alan Snape, or my husband like.

‘I wanted to make cookies to match a full English. It’s almost a cartoon version, I like them to look deliberately ‘rough’ – so with the egg I make sure the edges are a bit jagged, with burnt bits and the bubbles of fat.

‘The eggs are made of vanilla cookies covered in royal icing and bits of fondant.

‘I get a lot of orders for Father’s Day or people send them as birthday cakes.’

Another of her deliberately imperfect-looking, savoury cookies is a pizza, which Natasha said is: ‘Made with fondant and food colouring, to create texture, and give it that ‘dirty’ food look – where it appears slightly burned.’

She said people often eat with their eyes first and expect her elaborate and often off-putting designs to taste bad

As well as her gruesome cakes, the mother-of-two bakes and decorates beautifully elaborate cakes for weddings and other special occasions

Revealing more of her secrets, she said: ‘I don’t do drawings or anything before I start. I just make them from a picture or from the objects themselves.’

When she came up with her severed toes design, Natasha used her own tootsies as models as she crafted the delicacy from cookies, fondant and red food colouring for the blood splatter.

‘I made the toes for an event, then shared them online and people started ordering them,’ said Natasha, who has written two books The Painted Cakes and Homemade Wedding.

‘They are very popular for Halloween, particularly in the USA. I had one company who ordered 100 boxes to send to their clients.’

As for the taste of her creations, for those brave enough to eat them, she said: ‘Most of the cookies are made from chocolate and spices – pepper and cinnamon – so they have quite an adult taste.’

Natasha admits she finds her bakes a bit too tempting but her children are completely unfazed by what she is cooking up.

Natasha shares her incredible designs on Instagram where she has more than 26,000 followers

‘It’s very hard not to eat them when I’m working and you do have to sample each batch to make sure it is okay!’ she said.

‘My kids have grown up with it, so they are quite used to having a tray of severed toes in the kitchen. They don’t really blink at it anymore.’

Sharing her designs on Instagram, where she has more than 26,000 followers, Natasha said she has not had any rude requests so far.

‘I haven’t had any very strange requests. No one has asked me for a penis cake yet – I’m not sure if I would do that if I was asked,’ she laughed.

‘One of my strangest requests was a couple who had been together a very long time and were getting married, who asked me to make a Miss Havisham style cake as they had been sick of people asking them all the time when they were going to tie the knot.

‘Miss Havisham is a character in the Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations, who was jilted at the altar and wears her wedding dress for the rest of her life.

‘I’d made it look all mouldy, with moths and a couple of rats eating it. It looked really disgusting!’

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