Mum earns £2,000 a month from selling items she finds in bins

A bin diving mum has revealed how she pockets a fortune from selling stuff she finds in the trash.

Tiffany Butler was a stay-at-home mum when she watched a clip of "dumpster diving", where you retrieve discarded items from bins.

After gaining inspiration to take it up, the 31-year-old, from Texas, US, now has two lucrative "bin routes" mapped out.

She spends three hours a day, from Monday to Friday, bin diving where she finds everything, including a £64 Michael Kors blouse.

Also the mum has found a £310 robot vacuum and even a £124 Ninja Blender.

Speaking about what she does, Tiffany said: "At first you get such a high out of the diving that you take anything and everything."

She added: "But it got to the point where my whole house – and the garage – was overflowing with stuff.

"Now I only take things I know I will use or can make a profit on. We usually Google the retail price then knock 75% off.

"I don't mind, I haven't paid for them and it feels good helping people bag some bargains."

Recalling the YouTube video which inspired her, Tiffany continued: "It showed two girls who were diving into department store bins.

"I didn't think they had a chance of finding anything good, but minutes later they were opening up boxes of high-end make-up."

A few days later, Tiffany ventured out in the middle of the night to explore the contents of the bins beside her local department store.

She said: "I went on my own, it was dark and I felt like I was doing something wrong, even though it's not illegal to bin dive in Texas."

Tiffany couldn't believe her luck when she found a large box from cosmetic giant Ulta Beauty.

The mum added: "Daniel [my boyfriend] was adding up the value and it came to over $500 (£388). He was more shocked than me.

"I started checking every available dumpster at big retail stores."

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Then after a year of bin diving, Tiffany made the project her full-time job.

Now two years later, she alternates between two routes where she dives into bins Monday to Friday.

After filling her four-bedroom house with £2,706 worth of furniture, including a sofa, Tiffany started selling the items in summer 2018.

She uses eBay, Facebook Marketplace and even old-fashioned garage sales to flog the products.

But Tiffany is very strict about keeping her days off too.

She concluded: "Weekend diving is strictly off limits. Weekends are family time and not for rummaging around in bins.

"The kids love it – my two, Mia and Ruxton, as well as Daniel's children from a previous relationship, have all come along at some point.

"It's a real family outing, although they usually all just sit in the car and watch, they don't dive.

"They're just looking out for any toys they don't want me to miss."

Tiffany, who calls herself Dumpster Diving Mama, has over 450,000 followers, with 400,000 on TikTok.

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