Mum misjudges size of school bag – and gets one only big enough to hold crisps

When ordering online, sometimes the picture doesn’t quite show the product you’re getting.

The key thing to remember for deals is to always check the measurements.

One mum found that out the hard way when she ordered a new school bag for her daughter – but when it arrived, it was only big enough for a packet of crisps.

Lousie Suntah posted the picture of the pink bag on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group.

Luckily the mum saw the funny side.

She explained that she ordered it in the Next sale for her daughter and thought she was getting a bargain, but the price made sense when a mini-bag turned up.

Posting a picture of the bag, she said: ‘I ordered a bag from the Next sale. I thought my daughter could use it for school. It just arrived.’

She later added a picture of the bag beside a packet of crisps to show the size comparison.

The bag is just about big enough to fit the crisp packet but there wouldn’t be any room for anything else.

Louise’s post prompted others to share the ‘bargains’ that weren’t quite what they’d thought.

One person said: ‘This reminds me of when I ordered a chair for my beauty table, when it arrived it was for a dolls house.’

Another person added: ‘I had this with an next order, I ordered an adidas backpack it said small but christ my car keys barely fit let alone anything else.’

‘My mum ordered camping chairs with a parasol added on and got sent a bag for a camping chair lol we was very disappointed,’ someone else said.

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