Mum praised for easy ‘edible sandpit’ hack which keeps her baby entertained for hours & all you need are Cheerios

A MUM took to TikTok to share her creative and genius hack to create a super easy sandpit for her daughter.

The TikTok creator Elle (@marmarpickle), an Illinois-based mum, shares fun videos of different ways she keeps her daughter, Amara, entertained.

The sandpit couldn’t be simpler to make.

Elle uses leftover Cheerios cereal to create the sand – popping into a Nutribullet to blend to a fine crumb.

She describes the method as upcycling, making sure that there is minimal waste leftover from her cereal.

A lot of Elle’s videos centre around different types of sensory play items, edible crafts and various fun-filled routines she tries out with Amara.

Elle simply puts the “sand” in a tray, filling it with different toys for her daughter to play with.

The TikTok mum has been praised for the hack, making it safe for children to play in and not worry about eating something they shouldn’t.

One person commented: “Yes! So if she accidentally eats the sand it’s okay, because it’s freaking Cheerios!”

Another follower said: “No one said you were allowed to be this smart!”

However, there were some people who pointed out a tiny flaw in Elle’s plan.

Someone joked: “Now, whenever she’s at the beach, she knows what to do.”

One commented: “What happened when you go to an actual beach and she eats sand thinking it’s okay…”

Elle replied to one of the few followers concerned about the sand, saying: “I was scared of that too, but I live in Illinois lmao, no sand around sadly.”

The video has been viewed over 2.7 million times and liked by over 392,000 people.

So, if you’re looking for a clever way to jazz up your child’s playtime and keep them entertained for hours, and the beach isn’t on your doorstep – just look for your leftover cereal to do the trick.

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